Our Community

Our program is small and welcoming, providing students a collaborative environment to interact with their peers and contribute to advanced research in language and linguistics.

applied-linguistics-classFrom our Students

"I chose the LAL program at York University for its selection of leading experts in sociolinguists and its multidisciplinary approach to the study of language. Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

- Rick Grimm

"I completed both my Master's (2002-2004) and PhD (2007-2013) in the Linguistics & Applied Linguistics Graduate Program and am very pleased with my experience overall.  One of the unique strengths of the program is its truly encompassing definition of "sociolinguistics", which brings together faculty and students who conduct research from a wide variety of approaches including discourse analysis (e.g., critical discourse analysis; perspectives from linguistic anthropology), language variation and change, language contact (e.g., pidgins and creoles), language and gender, language and the law, language planning, and the list goes on!"

- Tanya Romaniuk

“I felt myself becoming the type of person Professor Nick Elson said to his Research Method class we would become: a “critical thinker.”   Each class I took became an opportunity to learn something new, to explore a new theory, to think beyond the lines; Great classmates, great professors, and a lifetime of good memories and knowledge building.”

- Cecilia Aponte de Hanna

"I had been out of school for quite a long time and I felt intimidated at first. I had questions about everything, and received lots of guidance and support and all my questions were answered.  You couldn't get a kinder and more efficient Program Assistant than Rose.  I met brilliant professors and classmates.  I even had weekly chitchats with professors who hadn't taught me.  I really enjoyed the LAL program."

- Kathleen Kirkham