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In the one-year MA program you can move quickly toward your goals in a creative and welcoming environment. You can opt for a program in the theoretical field or in the applied field. The program focuses on the broad study of language and society, language variation and change and second language pedagogy.


The objectives of the PhD program are to educate candidates in linguistics and applied linguistics. The program approaches the study of language from a variety of perspectives, with a primary focus on language in its social context. Students may concentrate their research in any number of areas, ranging from core linguistics (phonetics/phonology and syntax), through sociolinguistics (discourse analysis, language contact, language variation and change, and the study of language and law), to applied linguistics (language policy and planning, issues of culture and identity, and language pedagogy). The different approaches of faculty interests provide students with the opportunity to conduct research that bridges fields within the program.

Note: Students entering the MA and PhD programs commence in September. Our programs do not have winter or surmmer term start dates.

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